Andrew may want the ability to fly as a super power, but make no mistake, this guy’s REAL super power is that he can bring things back from the dead. (We’re talking tools and equipment, of course.) If Andrew can’t fix it, no one can… except perhaps that magical being, “Warranty” (he’s such a show-off).

Andrew is not only a mechanical master, he’s also a guitar god, hockey star, award-winning chef and semi-pro boxer. He may just be too good to be true!


Mike has been getting our clients out of “jams and jellies” for more than 10 years. He wishes he had the super power of amnesia, so he could forget some of the damage he’s seen to the equipment he’s fixed!


Marc’s greatest compliments from clients like you is that his product and project knowledge is amazing, and his track record for great results stands for itself. Guess it must be his CSI flair: he’s a master at problem solving and forensic work!