We know that when our vendors are happy, our clients benefit. Olga is our improv-loving bookkeeper, whose job it is to keep our vendors smiling. Olga find magic in exchange rates and is a master with the cheque-writing machine, because she knows that when she does her job well (which she ALWAYS does), it results in great pricing – and other benefits – for our clients.

What you may not know about Olga is that she’s always cooking up or bringing in delicious meals for our team kitchen, and has been known to invite customers to share in a meal she’s prepared. Must be her Italian upbringing coming through!


Kandice is our black belt product expert who has trained not only in Jiu-Jitsu, she has been using and training on our products for nearly a decade. Razor-sharp wit isn’t the only thing you’ll want to throw at this A-Team fan: her product knowledge and experience may surprise you. So… go ahead and throw whatever questions you’ve got at her.

Trust us. She can handle it.

Karen Weidenfelder

Growing up in the business, and taking over from her Dad, Karen understands what it means to have the right tools for the job at hand, every day. For her, that includes a great team, quality products, and a get-it-done-right attitude, which she lives and breathes every day. From her Dad, she learned the importance of loving what you do, and the rewards of impeccable service, which – in her book means “going above and beyond” to find the right tool for you, every time.

Modeling these values to her staff (which also includes the third generation of her family), Karen also models her other hero, Mickey Mouse, who always finds a way to make everyone smile.

Karen adds, “I have the utmost respect for all our employees and clients, and would like to thank them for all their great support over the past years.” She predicts a bright future for all of us!